National Economic and Social Development Office Act 2006

Strategic plan.

33.— (1) The Office shall prepare and submit to the Taoiseach for approval, with or without amendment by the Taoiseach, a strategic plan for the Office not later than 6 months after the establishment day and at least every 3 years from the submission date of the first statement.

(2) Each strategic plan prepared and submitted by the Office under subsection (1) shall incorporate a strategic plan for each body.

(3) The Taoiseach shall lay a strategic plan which has been approved by him or her under subsection (1) before the Houses of the Oireachtas, to debate its contents.

(4) The Office shall, as soon as may be after each financial year of the Office, but not later than 6 months thereafter, submit a progress report in relation to the strategic plan, including the strategic plan for each body, during the year to the Taoiseach for his or her comment and, after having received any such comment, shall submit the report including any such comment to the relevant Oireachtas Committee, and whenever requested by the Committee—

(a) the Chief Officer, in relation to the strategic plan of the Office, and

(b) the Director of a body, in relation to the strategic plan for the body of which he or she is the Director,

shall give the Committee an account of the progress of the plan during the year and shall have regard to any recommendations of the Committee in respect of the strategic plan.

(5) In this section “relevant Oireachtas Committee” means a Committee of one or both Houses of the Oireachtas established under the Standing Orders of a House of the Oireachtas to examine and report to each such House on matters relating to the Public Service.