Registration of Deeds and Title Act 2006

Amendment of section 24.

53.— Section 24 (extension of compulsory registration) of the Act of 1964 is amended by the substitution of the following subsections for subsections (1) and (2):

“(1) The Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform, after consultation with the Authority, may by order provide that this section shall apply to—

(a) a specified area, including a local government area within the meaning of section 10 of the Local Government Act 2001 ,

(b) specified land, or

(c) specified land in such an area,

on or after a specified day, not being earlier than 6 months after the making of the order.

(2) Where this section applies, the registration of ownership of the land concerned shall, if not already compulsory, become compulsory—

(a) in the case of freehold land, upon its conveyance on sale, and

(b) in the case of a leasehold interest, upon the grant or assignment on sale of such an interest.

(2A) An order under this section may provide that the registration of ownership of land to which this section applies shall, if not already compulsory, become compulsory in the case of specified dispositions of land other than those mentioned in subsection (2).

(2B) The Minister may by order amend or revoke an order under this section, including an order under this subsection.”.