Railway Safety Act 2005

Improvement plan.

76.—(1) Where an inspector is of the opinion that an activity being or likely to be carried on by or under the control or on behalf of—

(a) a railway undertaking and the activity involves, or is likely to involve, a risk to the safety of persons, or

(b) any other person on or near a railway and where the activity poses, or is likely to pose, a danger to the safety of persons involved in the operation of the railway or being carried on the railway,

the inspector may give a direction in writing to that railway undertaking or person requiring the submission to the inspector, within a time specified in the direction of a plan (“improvement plan”) specifying the remedial action proposed to be taken to rectify the matters set down in the direction.

(2) Where an improvement plan is submitted in accordance with subsection (1) or re-submitted under paragraph (b), an inspector shall, within 30 days, write to the railway undertaking or person concerned—

(a) stating that he or she is satisfied with the remedial action proposed to be taken, or

(b) if he or she is not satisfied that the plan is adequate, directing that the plan be revised and re-submitted to him or her within a time specified in the direction.

(3) An inspector may withdraw a direction under this section at any time before a date specified therein or may extend and further extend such date.