Social Welfare Consolidation Act 2005

Accidents in illegal employment and accidents outside State.

[1993 s52(1)]

73.—(1) Where a claim for occupational injuries benefit is made under this Part in respect of any accident or of any disease or injury prescribed for the purposes of section 87 , or an application is made thereunder for a declaration that any accident was an occupational accident or for a corresponding declaration as to any such disease or injury, the Minister may direct that for the purposes of this Part the relevant employment shall, in relation to that accident, disease or injury, be treated as having been insurable (occupational injuries) employment, notwithstanding that, by reason of a contravention of or non-compliance with some provision contained in or having effect under any enactment passed for the protection of employed persons or of any class of employed persons—

(a) the contract purporting to govern the employment was void, or

(b) the employed person was not lawfully employed in that employment at the time when or in the place where the accident happened or the disease or injury was contracted or received.

[1993 s52(1)]

(2) In subsection (1) “relevant employment” means—

(a) in relation to an accident, the employment out of and in the course of which the accident arises, and

(b) in relation to a disease or injury, the employment to the nature of which the disease or injury is due.

[1993 s52(3)]

(3) Except where regulations otherwise provide, an occupational injuries benefit is not payable in respect of an accident happening while the insured person is outside of the State.