Health Act 2004

Code of governance.

35.—(1) The Executive shall, as soon as practicable after it is established, submit to the Minister for approval a code of governance that includes an outline of—

(a) the guiding principles applicable to the Executive as a public body having functions relating to health and personal social services,

(b) the structure of the Executive, including the roles and responsibilities of the Board and the chief executive officer,

(c) the methods to be used to bring about the integration of health and personal social services,

(d) the processes and guidelines to be followed to ensure compliance with the reporting requirements imposed on the Executive by or under this Act,

(e) the Executive's internal controls, including its procedures relating to internal audits, risk management, public procurement and financial reporting, and

(f) the nature and quality of service that persons being provided with or seeking health and personal social services can expect.

(2) The Executive shall review the code of governance periodically and at such times as may be specified by the Minister and shall revise the code as the Executive considers appropriate.

(3) In preparing, or making any revisions to, the code of governance, the Executive shall have regard to any directions issued by the Minister under section 10 .

(4) Following the Minister's approval of the code of governance or of any revisions to it, the Executive shall arrange for the publication of the code or the revised code.

(5) The Executive shall indicate in its annual report its arrangements for implementing and maintaining adherence to the code of governance.