S.I. No. 228/2001 - Diseases of Animals Act, 1966 (Foot-And-Mouth Disease) (Regulation of Sheep Shearing) Order, 2001.

I, Joe Walsh, Minister for Agriculture, Food and Rural Development, in exercise of the powers conferred on me by sections 3 and 15 (as amended by the Diseases of Animals (Amendment) Act, 2001 (No. 3 of 2001)), of the Diseases of Animals Act, 1966 (No. 6 of 1966) (as adapted by the Agriculture and Food (Alteration of Name of Department and Title of Minister Order, 1999 ( S.I. No. 307 of 2001 )), hereby order as follows —

1.       This Order may be cited as the Diseases of Animals Act, 1966 (Foot-and-Mouth Disease) (Regulation of Sheep Shearing) Order, 2001 and shall come into operation on 28 May, 2001.

2.       In this Order —

“approved disinfectant” means a substance approved under the Diseases of Animals (Disinfectants) Order, 1975 and 1978

“certificate” means a certificate under Article 4(d);

“disinfect” means to disinfect with an approved disinfectant and cognate words shall be construed accordingly;

“registered” means entered on the register of commercial sheep shearers maintained under Article 6;

“registered wool buyer” means a person entered on the register of buyers of wool maintained under section 6 of the Wool Marketing Act, 1968 (No. 26 of 1968);

“registration card” means a written document issued under Article 6(1)(b),

“shearing”, in relation to sheep includes assisting a person to shear sheep;

3.       A person shall not enter any land or premises where sheep are located for the purpose of shearing such sheep, unless he or she -

(a)  is registered, has been assigned a registration number and has been issued with a registration card,

(b)  has permission from the owner of the sheep to enter such land or premises,

(c)  has given at least 24 hours prior notification to the District Veterinary Office responsible for the area in which the land or premises is located of his or her intention to shear sheep at a named location,

(d)  produces evidence of being entered on the register to the owner or person in charge of the sheep, and

(e)  on entry onto the land or premises, disinfects him or herself and any equipment to be used for shearing sheep.

4.       A person shall not leave any lands or premises after shearing sheep, unless he or she-

(a)  disinfects him or herself,

(b)  disinfects any equipment used for shearing sheep,

(c)  changes his or her clothing and footwear, and

(d)  receives a certificate in the form prescribed in the Schedule from the owner or person in charge of the lands or premises.

5.(1)  The owner or person in charge of any lands or premises where sheep are located shall not permit a person to whom Article 3 relates to enter those lands or premises other than in accordance with that Article.

(2) The owner or person in charge of any lands or premises where sheep are located shall where he or she has observed compliance with Article 4 (a), (b) and (c) issue a certificate in accordance with paragraph (d) of that Article to the person and retain a copy thereof for a period of 12 months.

(3) A person to whom a certificate relates under this Order shall retain the certificate for a period of 12 months.

(4) A person shall not forge or alter a certificate or a registration card, or utter a certificate or registration card that has been forged or altered.

6.(1)  The Minister or a person designated by the Minister (“designated person”) may, on receipt of an application in writing that contains such information as the Minister or designated person may consider appropriate-

(a)      enter the name and address of a person and such other information as he or she deems appropriate on the register of commercial sheep-shearers and attach conditions to such registration, and

(b)      issue a registration card to that person, or

(c)      refuse an application.

(2)      The Minister or a designated person may erase the name of a person from the register where that person has been convicted of, or committed, an offence, whether he or she has been convicted or not, contrary to the Diseases of Animals Acts, 1966 to 2001 or has failed to comply with the conditions (if any) of registration.

(3)      The entry of a name on the register shall not be construed as a statement that the person named is competent to shear sheep.

7.       A person entered on the register shall not be accompanied by a dog when entering lands or premises under this Order.

8.       Articles 3, 4(d), 5(other than paragraph (4)) and 7 of this Order shall not apply to the shearing of sheep by the owner of the sheep, a person who is in the full time employment of the owner of the sheep or a member of the immediate family of such owner when shearing sheep the property of the owner.

9.       A registered wool buyer may remove wool from the place where it is located at the time of shearing but shall then retain the wool in a secure premises for a period of, at least, 30 days from the date the sheep were shorn at the first mentioned place.

10.     A person may not place wool in sacks unless the sack has been disinfected using an approved disinfectant.

11.     This Order is in addition to, and not in substitution for, the Diseases of Animals Act, 1966 (Foot-and-Mouth Disease) (Restriction on Movement of Persons) Order, 2001 ( S.I. No. 160 of 2001 ).


Diseases of Animals Act, 1966 (Regulation of Sheep Shearing) Order, 2001


Name and Address          ______________________________________________________________________________________________

Of sheep shearer             ______________________________________________________________________________________________


Registration number _______________________________________   Number of sheep shorn ______________________________________

Place where sheep shorn ______________________________________________________________________________________________

Name(s) of person(s)

assisting     _________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Date sheep shorn          _______________________________________ Time sheep shorn    _______________________________________

Herd/Flock number       ______________________________________

Signed (owner or                                                                                          Name

person in charge)________________________________________        (Block capitals)___________________________________________


Signed (sheep shearer) ______________________________________________   Date___________________________________________


GIVEN under my Official Seal,

24 May, 2001

Joe Walsh

Minister for Agriculture, Food and Rural Development


(This note is not part of the Instrument and does not purport to be a legal interpretation.)

The effect of this Order is to provide for the registration of contract sheep-shearers and permit the resumption of sheep shearing (under strict conditions) from 28 May, 2001.