Local Government Act, 2001


Public Local Inquiries

Power to hold public local inquiries.

212.—(1) The Minister may cause such public local inquiries to be held as he or she may consider necessary or desirable—

(a) for the purposes of section 216 (1)(a) or the functions conferred on him or her or by any other enactment, or

(b) in relation to the performance of the functions of any local authority.

(2) A public local inquiry under subsection (1) shall be conducted by a person (in this Part referred to as an “inspector”) appointed for that purpose by the Minister who shall, without prejudice to any specific requirements in the enactments referred to in subsection (1), prepare a report of the inquiry and submit it to the Minister.

(3) For the purposes of a public local inquiry provided for by this section—

(a) the Minister may, with the approval of the Minister for Finance, engage one or more persons having qualifications which, in the opinion of the Minister are relevant to the conduct of the inquiry and for the purposes of this Part such person or persons is deemed to be an inspector or inspectors, as the case may be, and

(b) the Minister may pay to a person engaged under this subsection such remuneration and allowances as the Minister with the consent of the Minister for Finance, determines.

(4) The Minister may make regulations in relation to the conduct of a public local inquiry, the procedures at such an inquiry and the replacement of an inspector appointed to conduct an inquiry who dies, retires, resigns or is otherwise not available.