Children Act, 2001

Persons entitled to attend conference.

9.—(1) The following persons shall be entitled to attend a family welfare conference—

(a) the child in respect of whom the conference is being convened,

(b) the parents or guardian of the child,

(c) any guardian ad litem appointed for the child,

(d) such other relatives of the child as may be determined by the coordinator, after consultation with the child and the child's parents or guardian,

(e) an officer or officers of the health board concerned,

(f) any other person who, in the opinion of the coordinator, after consultation with the child and his or her parents or guardian, would make a positive contribution to the conference because of the person's knowledge of the child or the child's family or because of his or her particular expertise.

(2) If, before or during a family welfare conference, the coordinator is of opinion that the presence or continued presence of any person is not in the best interests of the conference or the child, the coordinator may exclude that person from participation or further participation in the conference.

(3) The coordinator shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that notice of the time, date and place of a family welfare conference is given to every person who is entitled to attend.

(4) Failure to notify any person entitled to attend a family welfare conference, or failure of any such person to attend it, shall not invalidate its proceedings.