Children Act, 2001

Detention and supervision.

151.—(1) Where a court is satisfied that detention is the only suitable way of dealing with a child who is between 16 and 18 years of age, it may, instead of making a children detention order, make a detention and supervision order.

(2) A detention and supervision order shall provide for detention in a children detention centre followed by supervision in the community.

(3) Subject to subsection (4), half of the period for which a detention and supervision order is in force shall be spent by the child in detention in a children detention centre and half under supervision in the community.

(4) Where the child is released from detention on earning remission of sentence by industry or good conduct or on being given temporary release under section 2 or 3 of the Act of 1960, supervision of the child in the community under the order shall be deemed to commence on the child's release.

(5) The supervision provided for in this section shall be by a probation and welfare officer.

(6) A detention and supervision order, in so far as it relates to detention, shall be deemed for all purposes to be a children detention order.

(7) A detention and supervision order may specify such of the conditions provided for in section 117 as the court considers necessary for helping to ensure that the child concerned would be of good behaviour and for reducing the likelihood of the child's committing any further offences.

(8) Section 130 shall apply, with any necessary modifications, to non-compliance with a detention and supervision order, or with any condition to which it is subject, as if for the references to an order in that section there were substituted references to a detention and supervision order.