Air Navigation and Transport Act, 1988

Obligation to effect insurance in relation to aerodromes.

11.—(1) A person shall not operate, or cause or permit any other person to operate, an aerodrome unless there is a policy of insurance in force in relation to that aerodrome.

(2) A policy of insurance shall be of no effect for the purposes of subsection (1) unless and until—

(a) there has been issued by the insurer to the insured a certificate in relation to the policy of insurance in such form and containing such particulars as the Minister may prescribe by Regulations under this section, and

(b) the insured has sent, or caused to be sent, to the Minister a copy of such certificate.

(3) If the policy of insurance at any time or for any reason ceases to have effect, any licence or authorisation granted under the Acts in respect of the aerodrome to which the policy of insurance relates shall thereupon be deemed to have been revoked.

(4) A licence or authorisation shall not be granted under the Acts in relation to the operation of an aerodrome in any period for which a policy of insurance is not in force in respect of that aerodrome.

(5) In this section “policy of insurance” means a policy which insures the owner or occupier, as the case may be, of an aerodrome against liability in respect of loss and damage caused to any person or property at that aerodrome and which complies with such conditions (if any) as the Minister may prescribe by Regulations under this section.

(6) This section shall come into operation on the expiry of one month after the commencement of this Act.