Local Authorities (Officers and Employees) Act, 1983

Commissioners may take certain knowledge, training, experience etc. into account.

2.—(1) Subject to section 8 of this Act, the Commissioners, with the consent of the appropriate Minister, may in selecting a candidate to be recommended by them for appointment to an office to which the Principal Act applies, take into consideration, in addition to the prescribed qualifications such of the following (if any) which the Commissioners consider relevant to the duties of the office, namely, knowledge (including knowledge of either or both the Irish language and the English language), training, experience or other matter.

(2) A consent by the appropriate Minister may be given under this section either in relation to a particular office to which the Principal Act applies or in relation to such offices which are of a particular description, class or grade.

(3) In this section the “appropriate Minister” means the appropriate Minister within the meaning of section 30 of the Local Government Act, 1955 , or, in relation to any office or employment to which section 27 of the Fisheries Act, 1980 , applies, the Minister for Fisheries and Forestry.