Superannuation and Pensions Act, 1963

Improved superannuation for certain former local authority employees who became civil servants.


(a) at the passing of this Act a person is in receipt (or would be in receipt but for payment being suspended) of a superannuation allowance,

(b) the date on which the person took up duty as an established civil servant was after the 1st day of October, 1936, and before the 2nd day of November, 1939,

(c) it is shown to the satisfaction of the Minister—

(i) that the person lost office or employment under a committee of technical instruction for political reasons, or

(ii) that, the person having been appointed by resolution of a committee of technical instruction to be an officer of that committee, such resolution became void as a result of the operation of section 71 of the Local Government Act, 1925 ,

(d) section 5 of the Local Government Act, 1936 , did not apply to the person,

the period between the date (as determined by the Minister) on which the loss of office or employment occurred or the resolution became void (as the case may be) and the date on which the person became an established civil servant shall, if the Minister in his discretion so directs and to such extent as he determines, be reckoned as established service, and—

(I) the person shall be deemed to have been paid out of moneys provided by the Oireachtas within the meaning of section 17 of the Superannuation Act, 1859 , during the period so reckoned, and

(II) the superannuation allowance and any additional allowance awarded to him shall, with effect as from the date of his retirement, be adjusted or varied accordingly.