Fisheries (Consolidation) Act, 1959

Order permitting taking etc., foreign oysters during part of close season for oysters.

275.—(1) The Minister may, upon the application of any person possessed of or interested in any oyster fishery, make an order permitting the taking or having in possession of any foreign oysters during such part of the close season for oysters as the Minister may think fit to appoint for such purpose in any district or place.

(2) Where an application is made for an order under this section—

(a) the Minister shall cause a public inquiry into such application to be held,

(b) the Minister shall cause to be given, in accordance with section 322, notice of the time and place of such inquiry,

(c) the Minister shall appoint an officer to hold such inquiry,

(d) the Minister shall take no decision on the application until he has considered the report of the said officer.