Defence Act, 1954

Effective dates of sentences by courts-martial.

206.—(1) Every term of penal servitude, imprisonment or detention to which a person is sentenced by a court-martial, whether the sentence has or has not been revised and whether such person is already undergoing sentence or not, shall, save as otherwise expressly provided in this Act, be reckoned to commence on the day on which the original sentence was signed by the president of the court-martial or on such earlier date as the court-martial may direct.

(2) Each of the following sentences—

(a) dismissal with ignominy from the Defence Forces,

(b) dismissal from the Defence Forces,

(c) discharge with ignominy from the Defence Forces,

(d) discharge from the Defence Forces,

(e) reduction to a lower non-commissioned army rank, or to a lower non-commissioned naval rank,

shall take effect on and from a date to be fixed in the manner prescribed.