Defence Act, 1954

Destruction, loss or improper disposal of property.

157.—Every person subject to military law—

(a) who wilfully destroys or damages, loses by neglect, improperly sells or wastefully expends any property being—

(i) public property, or

(ii) service property, or

(iii) property received for, or administered by or through, service messes, institutes or canteens, or

(iv) property contributed by members of the Defence Forces for the collective benefit and welfare of such members, or

(v) property derived from, purchased out of the proceeds of sale of, or received in exchange for property mentioned in subparagraph (iii) or (iv) of this paragraph, or

(b) who wilfully destroys, damages or improperly sells, pawns, or pledges any property belonging to another person who is subject to military law,

is guilty of an offence against military law and shall, on conviction by court-martial, be liable to suffer imprisonment or any less punishment awardable by a court-martial.