Minerals Company Act, 1945

Amendment in Principal Act of definition of “minerals” and power to make consequential alteration of memorandum of association of the continuing company.

15.—(1) The Principal Act shall be construed and have effect as if, in the definition (contained in section 2 ) of the word “minerals”, the words “save that the said word does not include coal” were deleted.

(2) At any time after the passing of this Act, the continuing company may, with the approval of the Minister given after consultation with the Minister for Finance and the Minister for Agriculture, so alter its memorandum of association as to extend its objects in conformity with the amendment effected by subsection (1) of this section.

(3) Section 9 of the Companies (Consolidation) Act, 1908 , shall not apply in respect of any alteration authorised by this section to be made by the continuing company in its memorandum of association, and in lieu thereof it is hereby enacted that such alteration may be made by extraordinary resolution, as defined by section 69 of the said Act, and that, in addition to complying with section 70 of the said Act, the continuing company shall, within the time mentioned in the said section 70, deliver to the registrar of companies a printed copy of the memorandum as so altered and the said registrar shall register it and certify the registration under his hand, and such certificate shall be conclusive evidence that all the requirements of the said Act, as amended by this subsection with respect to such alteration, have been complied with and thenceforth the memorandum as so altered shall be the memorandum of the continuing company.