Unemployment (Relief Works) Act, 1940

Payment of interest on compensation.

15.—(1) Subject to the provisions of the next following sub-section a local authority which has acquired land under this Act shall pay to every person to whom compensation is payable under this Act interest on the amount of such compensation when fixed at the rate of four pounds per cent. per annum from the date on which such land vested in such local authority until the date when such compensation is so fixed.

(2) Where a local authority has made an unconditional offer in writing of any sum as compensation in respect of land acquired under this Act to any person and such offer is not accepted by such person and the sum awarded as compensation to such person by the official arbitrator does not exceed the sum so offered, no interest shall be payable on such compensation under this section during any period after the date of such offer.

(3) Every sum payable under this section by a local authority as interest on the amount of compensation shall, in default of payment, be recoverable from such local authority as a simple contract debt in any court of competent jurisdiction.