University Colleges Act, 1940

Extension of term of office.

2.—(1) The Government may by order declare that the term of office of the members in office on the date of such order of the Governing Body of any college to which this Act applies shall be extended until a specified date not later than twelve months after the date on which such term of office would, but for such order, expire, and thereupon, notwithstanding anything contained in any enactment (including any charter or statute of such college), the term of office of such members shall be extended until the date so specified.

(2) No order shall be made under this section save on the application of the governing body to whose members such order relates.

(3) Where, before the date of an order made under this section in relation to the members of the Governing Body of a college to which this Act applies, there has not been taken any step prescribed by the statutes of such college in relation to the nomination, appointment and election of members required, but for such order, to take place, it shall be deemed to have been proper not to take such step.