Finance (1909-10) Act, 1910

Definitions for purpose of mineral provisions.

44 & 45 Vict. c. 41.

24. For the purpose of the provisions of this Act as to minerals—

The expression “proprietor” means the person for the time being entitled in possession to the minerals, or to the rents and profits thereof, or any part of those rents and profits, but does not include a person entitled as lessee other than a person entitled to the possession of land comprised in a lease for any long term of years to which section sixty-five of the Conveyancing and Law of Property Act, 1881, applies ;

The expression “rent” includes yearly or other rent, and shall, in addition to the meaning assigned to it for the general purposes of this Part of this Act, be construed as including any fine, premium, or foregift, and any payment, consideration, or benefit in the nature of a fine, premium, or foregift ;

Where any rent is paid or rendered otherwise than in money or money's worth, the amount of the rent shall be taken to be such sum as the Commissioners consider to be the value thereof ;

The expression “mining lease” means a lease for mining purposes, that is, for searching for, winning, working, getting, making merchantable, carrying away, or disposing of, mines and minerals, or purposes connected therewith, and includes an agreement for such lease, or any tenancy or licence, whether by deed, parol, or otherwise for mining purposes, and the expressions “lessor” and “lessee” shall in addition to the meaning assigned to them for the general purposes of this Part of this Act be construed so as to include respectively a licensor and a licensee ;

The expression “working lessee” means as respects the right to work minerals the lessee who is actually working the minerals, or who would have the right actually to work the minerals if the minerals were worked, and as respects mineral way-leaves the lessee who is in actual enjoyment of the way-leave, and the expression “immediate lessor” shall be construed accordingly ;

The expression “working year” means the year ending the thirtieth day of September, or such other day as may in any case be approved by the Commissioners; and the expression “last working year” means the working year completed immediately before the first day of January in any financial year for which the duty is paid ;

The expression “mineral way-leave” means any way-leave, air-leave, water-leave, or right to use a shaft granted to or enjoyed by a working lessee, whether above or under ground, for the purpose of access to or the conveyance of the minerals, or the ventilation or drainage of his mine or otherwise in connexion with the working of the minerals.

Where any minerals are at any time being worked by means of any colliery, mine, quarry, or open working, all the minerals which belong to the same proprietor, if the minerals are being worked by the proprietor, or which the lessee has power to work if the minerals are being worked by a lessee, and which would, in the ordinary course of events, be worked by the same colliery, mine, quarry, or open working, shall be deemed to be minerals which are being worked at that date.

Minerals which are being won for the purpose of being immediately worked shall be deemed to be minerals which are being worked.

Minerals shall be deemed to be comprised in a mining lease if the right to work the minerals is the subject of a mining lease, or if the minerals are being worked under the terms of such a lease, although the lease has expired.

Where the circumstances of a district are such that in the opinion of the Commissioners it is impracticable to fix any sum which satisfactorily represents a rent customary in the district, the rent which would be paid under similar circumstances and ordinary conditions elsewhere than in the district shall be substituted for the rent customary in the district.

Valuation for Purposes of Duties on Land Values.