Intermediate Education (Ireland) Act, 1882



An Act to amend the Intermediate Education (Ireland) Act, 1878. [18th August 1882.]

[Preamble recites 41 & 42 Vict. c. 66, referring to the Board of Intermediate Education for Ireland.]

Short title.

1. This Act may be cited as the Intermediate Education (Ireland) Act, 1882.

[S. 2 rep. 61 & 62 Vict. c. 22 (S.L.R.)]

Application of future surplus.

3. In the event of the income of the Board being in any year more than sufficient to answer the purposes of said Act for such year, it shall be lawful for the Board to apply in whole or in part the surplus income of such year, not required to be applied to the purposes of said Act during said year, for or towards the purposes of the said Act in or for any other year or years.

Prohibition on anticipation of income.

4. It shall not be lawful for the Board to anticipate in one year the income of any future year, but this enactment shall not prevent the hiring of any office, the assignment of salary to any officer, the grant of exhibitions, or any other like act in one year which involves a periodical payment not only in the said year, but in future years.