Supreme Court of Judicature Act (Ireland) 1877

Jurisdiction not transferred to High Court.

22. There shall not be transferred to or vested in the High Court of Justice, by virtue of this Act,—

(1.) Any appellate jurisdiction of the Court of Appeal in Chancery, or of the same Court sitting as a Court of Appeal from the Court of Probate, the Court for Matrimonial Causes and Matters, the Landed Estates Court, the Court of Bankruptcy, or the High Court of Admiralty:

(2.) Any jurisdiction usually vested in the Lord Chancellor in relation to the custody of the persons and estates of idiots, lunatics, and persons of unsound mind:

(3.) Any jurisdiction vested in the Lord Chancellor in relation to grants of Letters Patent, or the issue of commissions or other writings, to be passed under the Great Seal of Ireland:

(4.) Any jurisdiction exercised by the Lord Chancellor in right of or on behalf of Her Majesty as visitor of any College, or of any charitable or other foundation:

(5.) Any jurisdiction of the Master of the Rolls in relation to records in Dublin or elsewhere in Ireland.