National School Teachers Residences (Ireland) Act



An Act to afford facilities for the erection, enlargement, improvement, and purchase of dwelling-houses for residences for Teachers of certain National Schools in Ireland.[1] [13th August 1875.]

[Preamble recites 29 & 30 Vict. c. 40.]

Short title.

1. This Act may be cited for all purposes as “The National School Teachers Residences (Ireland) Act, 1875.”

Additional purposes for which loans may be made.

2. In addition to the purposes for which loans may be made under the provisions of any of the Acts specified in the schedule to this Act annexed, it shall be lawful for the Commissioners of Public Works, subject to such rules and regulations as may from time to time be made by the Treasury, to make loans in such cases as the said Commissioners of Public Works may judge expedient, for the purpose of assisting any person in the erection, enlargement, structural improvement, or purchase of any dwelling-house for a residence for the teacher of a national school: Provided always, that the amount of any such loan shall not exceed two hundred and fifty pounds.

Repayment of loans.

3. [Provision for repayment of loans by annual sum of 5 per cent. for 35 years, rep. 56 & 57 Vict. c. 54 (S.L.R.)]. Provided always, that the amount of such annual sum may, by agreement, and with the sanction of the Treasury be increased to such amount as will repay the sum so advanced sooner than the said period of thirty-five years herein-before appointed.

All lands upon which any buildings or erections may stand which shall be erected, enlarged, or improved, or which shall have been purchased wholly or partly by means of a loan under this Act, and all such buildings and erections, shall be deemed to be and shall be well charged with the payment of such rent-charge, and that in priority to all charges and incumbrances whatsoever affecting the same, save and except quit-rents and rentcharges in lieu of tithes, and except all charges prior in date (if any) existing under any of the Acts mentioned in the schedule to this Act: Provided always, that in case such lands or buildings shall be held under any grant or demise, nothing herein contained shall prejudice or affect the right of the grantor or lessor in any such grant or demise, or of any superior grantor or lessor.

Insurance of premises charged with loan.

4. When any loan shall be made under this Act, the said Commissioners of Public Works, if they think fit, may insure against damage by fire all buildings and erections then or there after standing or being on the lands and premises charged with such loan, such insurance to be effected in such insurance office or company, and in such sum of money, not exceeding the amount of such loan, as the said Commissioners shall from time to time direct; and the said Commissioners shall keep on foot such insurance as aforesaid, and all premiums paid thereon by the said Commissioners shall be deemed to be included in all charges and securities whereby repayment of such loan shall be secured, and shall be forthwith recoverable in like manner as any instalment of the rentcharge payable in respect of such loan.

Security for repayment of loan by order of Commissioners, &c.

5. The repayment of every loan which shall be made under the provisions of this Act shall be secured by an order of the said Commissioners of Public Works, under their common seal, and if they require it by the further security of at least three persons, the sufficiency and solvency of which persons shall be made out to the satisfaction of the said Commissioners; such security to be subject to such conditions as the said Commissioners shall deem to be proper; and every such order shall set forth the amount of such loan, the names of the persons to whom or on whose application and on whose security the same has been made, and a description of the lands or premises charged therewith.

In all cases where the said Commissioners shall have made any such order they shall execute a duplicate thereof, under their common seal, and forthwith cause the said duplicate order to be lodged with the registrar of deeds in the office for registry of deeds in the city of Dublin, and the registrar of the said registry office, his and their assistants, deputies, and other officers, shall register the same in the same manner as any deeds or instruments are registered in said office, and shall enter a memorial thereof in the abstract books and indexes of or relating to memorials registered and kept in the said office, and shall return such registry in any search made in such registry office: Provided always, that no fees shall be payable in respect of such registration.

Stamp duty.

6. No order mortgage bond obligation security contract agreement or other instrument whatsoever executed under the provisions of this Act, nor any memorial thereof for registration, shall be liable to any stamp duty whatever.

Application of former Acts.

7. Except as by this Act expressly provided, all the powers provisions matters, and things in the Acts specified in the schedule to this Act annexed, or any of them, contained or referred to, and relating to the security for and repayment and recovery of loans under the provisions of the same, shall be deemed to apply to all loans made under this Act, and to the security for, repayment, and recovery of the same, in like manner in every respect as if such loans were made under the authority of the said Acts or any of them.


8. This Act and the Acts specified in the schedule to this Act annexed, shall be read together and construed as one Act, save so far as the provisions of this Act may be inconsistent with the provisions of the aforesaid Acts or any of them.


Sects. 2 , 7 , 8 .

10 & 11 Vict. c. 32.


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[1 So much of this Act as limits its operation to residences for teachers of non-vested national schools, rep. 42 & 43 Vict. c. 74. s. 12.]