Marriage Law (Ireland) Amendment Act, 1863

Place, time, &c. of marriage.

7. Every marriage solemnized by virtue of a registrar’s certificate of publication of notice, or of a registrar’s licence, according to the usages of any church, denomination, or body of Protestant Christians, shall be solemnized

(1.) By a minister of the church, denomination, or body to which the parties to the marriage, or either of them, shall belong;

(2.) In the registered place of public worship named in the notice;

(3.) Between the hours of eight in the morning and two in the afternoon;

(4.) With open doors;

(5.) In the presence of two or more credible witnesses besides the officiating minister or person solemnizing the marriage;

And not elsewhere or otherwise. If any person wilfully solemnize a marriage, or pretended marriage, contrary to the present provision he shall be guilty of felony.