Updated to 19 January 2023 (Act No. 52 of 2022 and S.I. No. 8 of 2023)



SectionCommencement DateCommencement Information
Whole Act 21 December 1934 Commenced on enactment

Amendments and other effects

How AffectedAffecting Provision
Rep. 11/2005, ss. 1 (10), 3, sch.
Trans of functns. under.* S. I. No. 125 of 1959
Trans. of cert. functns. under. S. I. No. 91 of 1987, art. 4, sch.

SIs made under the Act

SectionSIs made under the Act

*Trans of functns. under. : The purported transfer of functions under this Act by S.I. No. 164 of 1966 is inoperative as they had already been transferred by the relevant Minister.