Sex Offenders (Amendment) Act 2023


Number 9 of 2023

Sex Offenders (Amendment) Act 2023



Preliminary and General


1. Short title and commencement

2. Definition


Amendment of Principal Act

3. Amendment of section 2 of Principal Act

4. Amendment of section 3 of Principal Act

5. Application of amendments made by Sex Offenders (Amendment) Act 2023

6. Amendment of section 4 of Principal Act

7. Amendment of section 8 of Principal Act

8. Amendment of section 10 of Principal Act

9. Power of Garda Síochána to take fingerprints, palm prints and photographs of persons subject to requirements of Part

10. Amendment of section 12 of Principal Act

11. Amendment of section 13 of Principal Act

12. Amendment of section 14 of Principal Act

13. Insertion of Part 2A in Principal Act

14. Amendment of section 16 of Principal Act

15. Insertion of sections 16A to 16C in Principal Act

16. Amendment of section 17 of Principal Act

17. Amendment of section 19 of Principal Act

18. Amendment of section 25 of Principal Act

19. Amendment of section 26 of Principal Act

20. Insertion of Part 4A in Principal Act

21. Amendment of section 27 of Principal Act

23. Amendment of section 30 of Principal Act

24. Amendment of section 30A of Principal Act

25. Insertion of sections 30B to 30D in Principal Act

26. Amendment of section 31 of Principal Act

27. Amendment of section 33 of Principal Act

28. Amendment of Schedule to Principal Act


Amendments of other Acts of Oireachtas

29. Amendment of section 8A of Criminal Justice Act 1984

30. Amendment of Garda Síochána (Functions and Operational Areas) Act 2022

Acts Referred to

Children Act 2001 (No. 24)

Criminal Justice Act 1984 (No. 22)

Criminal Justice Act 2006 (No. 26)

Garda Síochána (Functions and Operational Areas) Act 2022 (No. 7)

Garda Síochána Act 2005 (No. 20)

Housing (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1992 (No. 18)

Medical Practitioners Act 2007 (No. 25)

Parole Act 2019 (No. 28)

Sex Offenders Act 2001 (No. 18)


Number 9 of 2023


>An Act to amend the Sex Offenders Act 2001 to provide for a change in the notification requirements imposed on persons who are subject to Part 2 of that Act, to provide a power for the Garda Síochána to take fingerprints, palm prints and photographs under that Act in certain circumstances, to make provision in relation to the assessment and management of the risk of harm posed by certain persons and in that regard to make provision for the disclosure and publication of information relating to such persons in certain circumstances, to provide for the electronic monitoring of certain persons under that Act, to provide for the variation of certain orders made under that Act and to make provision for the imposition of a prohibition on working with children and vulnerable persons on certain persons; to amend the Criminal Justice Act 1984 to allow for the retention, in certain circumstances, of fingerprints, palm prints and photographs taken under that Act of persons who are subject to Part 2 of the Sex Offenders Act 2001 ; and to provide for related matters.

[5th April , 2023]

Be it enacted by the Oireachtas as follows: