Work Life Balance and Miscellaneous Provisions Act 2023

Right to request a remote working arrangement

20. (1) An employee may, in accordance with this Part, request approval from his or her employer for a remote working arrangement.

(2) An employee’s approved remote working arrangement shall not commence before a time when the employee concerned has completed 6 months continuous employment with the employer concerned.

(3) A request for a remote working arrangement referred to in subsection (1) shall—

(a) be in writing and signed by the employee,

(b) specify the details of the remote working arrangement requested and the proposed date of commencement and, where applicable, expiration of the remote working arrangement,

(c) specify, having regard to the code of practice—

(i) the reasons why he or she is requesting approval of the remote working arrangement (in this Part referred to as “the employee’s needs”),

(ii) details of the proposed remote working location, and

(iii) information as may be specified in the code of practice on the suitability of the proposed remote working location,


(d) be submitted to his or her employer as soon as reasonably practicable but not later than 8 weeks before the proposed commencement of the remote working arrangement.

(4) An employee who has submitted a request in accordance with subsection (3) to his or her employer shall, if the employer so requests, furnish to the employer such further information as the employer may reasonably require in relation to the request.

(5) Before the date on which an agreement referred to in section 21 (1)(b)(i) is signed by the employer and the employee, the employee may, by notice in writing signed by him or her and given to the employer, withdraw a request submitted in accordance with subsection (3).

(6) For the purposes of this section, where an employee ceases to be the employee of an employer and, not more than 26 weeks after the date of cesser, the employee again becomes the employee of the employer, the period of service of that employee with that employer before the date of cesser shall be deemed to be continuous with the period of service of that employee with that employer after again becoming such employee.