Energy (Windfall Gains in the Energy Sector) (Temporary Solidarity Contribution) Act 2023


Provisions relating to temporary solidarity contribution

Temporary solidarity contribution

4. (1) There shall be charged, levied and paid a levy to be known as the “temporary solidarity contribution” on the taxable profits of each energy company in respect of each chargeable period.

(2) The amount of temporary solidarity contribution to be charged in respect of a chargeable period shall be any positive amount calculated as—

(A - (B x 1.2)) x 0.75


A is the taxable profits in respect of the chargeable period, and

B is the average taxable profits in respect of the reference years.

(3) The temporary solidarity contribution shall be due and payable by an energy company to the Revenue Commissioners on or before the specified date in respect of the chargeable period concerned.