Road Traffic and Roads Act 2023


Amendment of Finance (Excise Duties) (Vehicles) Act 1952

Amendment of Finance (Excise Duties) (Vehicles) Act 1952

57.The Finance (Excise Duties) (Vehicles) Act 1952 is amended—

(a) in section 1(4)—

(i) in paragraph (h), by the substitution of “purposes,” for “purposes.”, and

(ii) by the insertion of the following paragraphs after paragraph (h):

“(i) vehicles owned by a Government Department, the Office of Public Works and the Office of the Revenue Commissioners, and

(j) vehicles owned by such State agencies as may be prescribed by the Minister for Transport, having regard to the amount of State funding provided to such agencies.”,


(b) in section 3(c) of Part 1 of the Schedule, by the deletion of “large”.