Personal Injuries Resolution Board Act 2022

Amendment of section 54 of Principal Act

17. Section 54 of the Principal Act is amended, in subsection (1), by the insertion of the following paragraphs after paragraph (a):

“(aa) to facilitate the resolution of relevant claims, within the meaning of Part 2, by mediation in accordance with Chapter 1A of that Part,

(ab) to collect and publish on its website information in relation to personal injury claims, including information concerning personal injury awards provided for in the personal injuries guidelines (within the meaning of section 2 of the Judicial Council Act 2019 ),

(ac) to conduct, or commission the conduct of, research, studies and analysis on such matters relating to the functions of the Board as the Board considers appropriate,

(ad) to collect and compile information for the purposes referred to in paragraph (ac), in such form and manner as the Board considers appropriate, and to publish any findings following the research, studies and analysis referred to in that paragraph as the Board considers appropriate,

(ae) to promote public awareness of, and conduct public information campaigns in relation to, the work of the Board,”.