Higher Education Authority Act 2022

Application deemed to be made under Chapter 12 of Part 2 of Act of 2018 in certain circumstances

105. If, at any time before the coming into operation of Chapter 12 of Part 2 of the Act of 2018 (inserted by section 97 ), an application is made to the Minister jointly by a higher education provider and a technological university on an administrative basis in accordance with the requirements of that Chapter—

(a) the application shall be deemed to have been made under that Chapter by an applicant higher education provider and an applicant technological university (both within the meaning of the Act of 2018) as if that Chapter were in operation and that Chapter shall apply accordingly, and

(b) at any time after the coming into operation of that Chapter, the Minister may, if he or she is satisfied that the requirements of that Chapter have been complied with as respects that application and the assessment and consideration thereof, make or, as may be appropriate, refuse to make an order under section 44F of the Act of 2018 accordingly.