Circular Economy and Miscellaneous Provisions Act 2022

Circular economy programme

10. (1) The Agency shall establish a programme (in this Part referred to as a “circular economy programme”) setting out measures to be taken by the Agency, including measures in respect of reporting and the provision of funding and education, to give effect to the objectives set out in the circular economy strategy.

(2) A circular economy programme—

(a) shall include the waste prevention programmes established by the Agency under section 27B of the Act of 1996, and

(b) shall—

(i) be integrated into waste management plans required under section 22 of that Act,

(ii) be integrated into other environmental policy programmes, as appropriate, or

(iii) operate as a separate programme.

(3) Where a circular economy programme is integrated into a waste management plan as referred to in subsection (2)(b)(i) or into any other environmental policy programme as referred to in subsection (2)(b)(ii), that plan or such other programme, as the case may be, shall clearly identify the measures and objectives referred to in subsection (1).

(4) The Agency shall, from time to time as it considers appropriate, but not less than once in each period of 6 years from the date on which the most recent circular economy programme was established, review the programme and make such revisions to it as it considers appropriate and a reference in this Part to such a programme shall, unless the context otherwise requires, be construed as being a reference to such a programme as so revised.

(5) On establishing a circular economy programme, the Agency shall—

(a) cause to be published in at least one national newspaper and on its website a notice of that fact, which notice shall also indicate how a copy of the programme may be obtained at a cost not exceeding the reasonable cost of making such a copy, and

(b) furnish a copy of the programme to—

(i) the Minister,

(ii) each local authority, and

(iii) any other public body that, in the opinion of the Agency, has an interest in the programme.

(6) In this section, “public body” means any of the following:

(a) a Minister of the Government;

(b) a local authority;

(c) the Health Service Executive;

(d) a university or institute of technology;

(e) an education and training board established under section 9 of the Education and Training Boards Act 2013 ;

(f) any other person, body or organisation established—

(i) by or under an enactment (other than the Companies Act 2014 ) or charter,

(ii) by any scheme administered by a Minister of the Government, or

(iii) under the Companies Act 2014 in pursuance of powers conferred by or under another enactment, and financed wholly or partly by means of money provided, or loans made or guaranteed, by a Minister of the Government or the issue of shares held by or on behalf of a Minister of the Government;

(g) a company (within the meaning of the Companies Act 2014 ) a majority of the shares in which are held by or on behalf of a Minister of the Government;

(h) any other person, body, organisation or group that the Minister may prescribe for the purposes of this section.