Civil Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2022

Discharge of juror

59. (1) Whenever in the course of a Stardust inquest a juror dies or is discharged by the coroner for the coroner’s district of Dublin owing to his or her being incapable through illness or any other cause of continuing to act as a juror, or under subsection (2) or section 54 (9), the jury shall, unless the coroner otherwise directs or the number of jurors is thereby reduced below 6, be considered as remaining properly constituted for all the purposes of the inquest and the inquest shall proceed and a verdict may be returned accordingly.

(2) In a Stardust inquest, the coroner for the coroner’s district of Dublin may at any stage direct that any person summoned or sworn as a juror shall not serve, or shall not continue to serve, as a juror if the coroner considers that, for any stated reason, it is desirable in the interests of justice that he or she should give that direction.