Civil Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2022


Stardust Inquest (Special Jury Provisions)

Definitions (Part 8)

48. In this Part—

“Act of 1962” means the Coroners Act 1962 ;

“Act of 1976” means the Juries Act 1976 ;

“county registrar for Dublin” means the county registrar for the county and city of Dublin;

“jury summons” has the meaning assigned to it by section 55 (3);

“Minister” means the Minister for Justice;

“Stardust death” means a reportable death, within the meaning of the Act of 1962, which occurred at the premises known as “Stardust”, Kilmore Road, Artane, Dublin 5 on 14 February 1981 or thereafter as a result of injuries sustained at that premises on that date;

“Stardust inquest” means an inquest in relation to a Stardust death held pursuant to a direction of the Attorney General under section 24 of the Act of 1962.