Maritime Area Planning Act 2021

Chapter 4

Assignment or amendment of MAC

Assignment of MAC

85. (1) This section applies where the holder of a MAC (in this section referred to as the “proposed assignor”) wishes to assign the MAC to another person (in this section referred to as the “proposed assignee”).

(2) The proposed assignor and the proposed assignee shall make a joint MAC application to the MARA for the MARA’s consent in writing to the assignment and, in the case of such application, section 79 and the other provisions of this Part (including section 84 ) applicable to a MAC application and its determination under section 81 shall, with all necessary modifications, apply accordingly.

(3) The assignment of a MAC purporting to be effected without the consent referred to in subsection (2) shall be void.

(4) References in this Act to the grant of a MAC shall include references to the assignment of a MAC in any case where the MAC has been assigned or reassigned in accordance with this section.