Maritime Area Planning Act 2021

Chapter 3

Grant or refusal of MAC and related matters

Application for grant of MAC

79. (1) Subject to subsection (4), a person may make an application in the specified form, accompanied by the specified fee, to the MARA for the grant of a MAC for the occupation of the part of the maritime area the subject of the application for the purposes of the undertaking of the proposed maritime usage the subject of the application.

(2) Without prejudice to the generality of section 72 or subsection (3), a MAC application may require any information to be provided in relation to any of the matters to which the MARA shall have regard to by virtue of section 80 (1).

(3) Where a MAC application is made to the MARA, it may, by notice in writing given to the applicant, require the applicant to provide in the specified form, by affidavit or otherwise, such additional information in relation to any matter to which the application relates as the MARA reasonably considers necessary to assist it to determine the application.

(4) A person who is a body corporate may not make a MAC application unless it is—

(a) a company,

(b) an EEA company within the meaning of Part 21 of the Act of 2014,

(c) a public body, or

(d) engaged principally in non-commercial activities or works.

(5) For the avoidance of doubt and notwithstanding any other enactment, the MARA is not required to carry out, for the purposes of determining a MAC application under section 81

(a) a screening for appropriate assessment or appropriate assessment, or

(b) a screening for environmental impact assessment (within the meaning of section 176A of the Act of 2000) or environmental impact assessment.