Nursing Homes Support Scheme (Amendment) Act 2021

Amendment of section 32 of Principal Act

23. Section 32 of the Principal Act is amended, in subsection (1)—

(a) by the insertion of “14A(2), 14A(11), 14C(2)(b), 14C(7), 14D(2)(a), 14I(2)(a)(i), 14I(6)(a), 14J(1), 14K(2), 14K(8), 14L(2), 14L(9),” after “11(1),”, and

(b) by the insertion, in paragraph (b), of “14A(12), 14A(13), 14C(8), 14C(9), 14D(2)(b), 14I(5), 14I(6)(b), 14J(1), 14K(9), 14K(10), 14L(10), 14L(11),” after “11(3),”.