Land Development Agency Act 2021

Court may make compulsory transfer order

70. (1) On an application in that behalf by the Agency and where the Agency has entered on and taken possession of land in accordance with section 68 and the Court is satisfied that—

(a) any estate or interest in the land has not been conveyed or transferred to the Agency,

(b) it is necessary, in connection with the purposes for which the Agency has been authorised to acquire the land compulsorily, that the acquisition of the land should be completed, and

(c) the Agency has made an offer in writing to each person having the estate or interest concerned who has furnished to the Agency sufficient particulars of that estate or interest following a request by the Agency under section 61 to enable the Agency to make an offer for it,

the Court may make an order (in this Part referred to as a “compulsory transfer order”) vesting the land in the Agency subject to any terms and conditions that the Court thinks fit.

(2) Where after the Court, having considered the matters referred to in subsection (1) makes a compulsory transfer order, the Agency shall within seven days after having received notification from the Court of the making of the order—

(a) publish in a newspaper circulating in the area of the land to which the order relates a notice stating that the order has been made, describing the land and naming a place, including its website, where a copy of the order may be seen at all reasonable times, and

(b) give to every person appearing to the Agency to have an estate or interest in the land a notice that the order has been made and the effect of the order.