Land Development Agency Act 2021

Chief executive of Agency

17. (1) There shall be a chief executive officer of the Agency (in this Act referred to as “the chief executive”).

(2) The chief executive shall—

(a) carry on, manage and control generally, the administration of the Agency, and

(b) advise the directors of the Agency in relation to the performance by the Agency of its functions.

(3) Subject to subsection (5), the chief executive shall be appointed by the Board with the consent of the Minister.

(4) The chief executive may, with the consent of the Minister, be removed from office by the Board for stated reasons.

(5) The chief executive shall hold office under a written contract of service for a period, and subject to such terms and conditions (including terms and conditions relating to remuneration, allowances and superannuation) as are specified in the contract, as may be determined by the Board with the approval of the Minister given with the consent of the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform.

(6) The chief executive shall not hold any other office or occupy any other position in respect of which emoluments are payable, or carry on any business without the consent of the Board.

(7) The chief executive shall at all times be an ex officio director of the Board but shall not be the chairperson.