Health (Amendment) (No. 2) Act 2021


Preliminary and General

Short title, commencement and operation

1. (1) This Act may be cited as the Health (Amendment) (No. 2) Act 2021.

(2) This Act shall come into operation on such day or days as the Minister for Health may appoint by order or orders either generally or with reference to any particular purpose or provision and different days may be so appointed for different purposes or provisions.

(3) Part 2 shall continue in operation for the period ending on the later of—

(a) the 9th day of October 2021, or

(b) the date that is specified in a resolution passed by each House of the Oireachtas under subsection (4).

(4) Each House of the Oireachtas may, on or before the 9th day of October 2021, pass a resolution to continue Part 2 in operation for such period, not exceeding 3 months, that ends on a date specified in the resolution.

(5) Part 3 shall continue in operation until the date on which sections 2 , 7 and 8 of the Health (Amendment) Act 2021 shall cease to have effect.