Investment Limited Partnerships (Amendment) Act 2020

Provision for alternative foreign name - amendment of section 8 of Act of 1994

10. Section 8 of the Act of 1994 is amended by the insertion of the following subsection after subsection (4A):

“(4B) The reference in subsection (4A)(a) to an alternative foreign name is a reference to a particular name that is specified in the application to be such a name in respect of the investment limited partnership and this subsection confers power on an investment limited partnership to have such a name and the following apply to the name so specified:

(a) the name, as regards any territory, district or place not situate in the State, may be used, instead of the first-mentioned name in subsection (4A)(a), in relation to any act (by or in respect of the partnership), whether that act is performed within or outside the State;

(b) the name may consist of any letters, characters, script, accents or other diacritical marks that do not utilise the Roman alphabet, and does not need to be a translation or transliteration of the first mentioned name in subsection (4A)(a).”.