Criminal Justice (Mutual Recognition of Decisions on Supervision Measures) Act 2020

Supervised person cannot be found in State

38. (1) The court may, on the application of a member of the Garda Síochána and on information being made in writing and on oath by or on behalf of the member that the supervised person the subject of an endorsed supervision decision cannot be found in the State, revoke the endorsement order.

(2) The court shall cause a decision made by it under subsection (1) to be communicated to—

(a) the Central Authority, and

(b) the Superintendent of the Garda Síochána for the district in which the former supervised person resided.

(3) The Central Authority shall, as soon as is practicable after a decision under subsection (1) by the court is communicated to him or her pursuant to subsection (2), inform the competent authority in the issuing State of such decision.