Criminal Justice (Mutual Recognition of Decisions on Supervision Measures) Act 2020

Definitions - Part 3

24.In this Part—

“competent authority” means a judicial or other authority in the issuing State meeting the criteria specified in Article 6 of the Framework Decision and notified to the General Secretariat in accordance with that Article;

“court” means—

(a) subject to paragraph (b), the District Court, or

(b) the High Court where the supervision decision relates to an offence corresponding to an offence referred to in section 29(1) of the Act of 1967;

“endorsement order”, in relation to a supervision decision, means an order made under section 31 (2)(a) endorsing the decision for the purpose referred to in that section;

“endorsed supervision decision” means a supervision decision the subject of an endorsement order which is in force;

“former supervised person” includes a person the subject of a supervision decision that has never come into effect;

“offence”, in relation to a supervision decision or proposed supervision decision, means alleged offence;

“supervision decision” means a decision on supervision measures consisting of an order forwarded to the State in accordance with the provisions of section 28 authorising the State to monitor the supervision measures specified in the order and to take other actions in accordance with the Framework Decision;

“supervision measure” shall be read in accordance with section 27 ;

“supervised person”, in relation to a supervision decision, means the person the subject of the supervision decision (whether or not the supervision decision has come into effect).