Migration of Participating Securities Act 2019


Number 50 of 2019




1. Interpretation

2. Share in uncertificated form or certificated form - meaning of those expressions

3. Migration - meaning of that expression and supplemental provision

4. Migration of securities by participating issuers

5. Requirements to be complied with for consent by issuer to migration: special resolution

6. Further requirements to be complied with for consent by issuer to migration

7. Offence in relation to failure to comply with certain provisions of section 5 or 6

8. Quorum for meeting referred to in section 6(1)

9. Registration of special resolution referred to in section 4(1)

10. Confirmation that relevant requirements have been complied with and consent of issuer to migration to be expressed in confirmatory statement

11. Migration of relevant participating securities

12. Making of certain orders, by Listing Authority, for purposes of Act

13. Supplemental provision in relation to section 12

14. Regulations

15. Liability of Listing Authority for acts, omissions, etc.

16. Cesser of section 4

17. Short title and commencement

Acts Referred to

Companies Act 2014 (No. 38)

Competition Act 2002 (No. 14)

Irish Takeover Panel Act 1997 (No. 5)

Stock Transfer Act 1963 (No. 34)


Number 50 of 2019


An Act to make, in the public interest, provision with respect to the contingency that a substitute securities settlement system, compatible with the law of the European Union, may be required, on or after 30 March 2021, for the securities settlement system commonly known as “CREST”; for that purpose to enable issuers of certain securities to avail themselves of the procedures hereafter provided whereby such a substitute securities settlement system will, by virtue of the operation of this Act, become available in respect of those securities and to provide for related matters.

[26th December, 2019]

Be it enacted by the Oireachtas as follows: