Housing (Regulation of Approved Housing Bodies) Act 2019

Grant or refusal of registration

28. (1) The Regulator shall grant an application for registration under section 27 where the Regulator is satisfied that—

(a) the applicant meets the eligibility criteria,

(b) the application complies with the requirements under that section, and

(c) the applicant complies with any requirement which may be imposed by the Regulator—

(i) to verify anything contained in the application,

(ii) to supply further information in relation to the application, or

(iii) to supply the information requested under subparagraph (ii) by means of a statutory declaration,

and if not so satisfied shall, subject to section 29 , refuse to grant the application.

(2) On granting the application for registration, the Regulator shall—

(a) register the person in the register as an AHB by entering in the register—

(i) the name of the AHB and the principal place of business in the State of the AHB,

(ii) the registration number issued to the AHB,

(iii) the date of registration,

(iv) the activity to which the registration relates,

(v) in the case of a company, the names of the directors of the company,

(vi) in the case of a registered society, the names of the members of the committee of management or other directing body of the society,

(vii) in the case of a friendly society within the meaning of the Friendly Societies Acts 1896 to 2018, the names of the members of the committee of management of the society,

(viii) in the case of an AHB that is a charitable trust, the names of the trustees of the trust, and

(ix) any other particulars as the Regulator considers appropriate,


(b) give to the person notice of confirmation of registration and a registration number.