Judicial Council Act 2019

Restriction of Freedom of Information Act 2014

94. (1) Without prejudice to the exemption for records held by the courts, the Freedom of Information Act 2014 shall not apply to a record relating to the making or investigation, or the resolution by informal means, of a complaint under Part 5 or an investigation pursuant to a referral under section 59 unless—

(a) the record was created before the making of the complaint or the initiation of the investigation under section 59 , as the case may be, or

(b) the record relates to the expenses of the Judicial Conduct Committee or a member thereof or a panel of inquiry or a member thereof or other matters concerning the general administration of that Committee or a panel of inquiry.

(2) Subsection (1) applies to a record held by—

(a) the Judicial Conduct Committee,

(b) the Registrar,

(c) the Complaints Review Committee,

(d) a designated judge or designated judges,

(e) a panel of inquiry, or

(f) the registrar to a panel of inquiry.

(3) In this section “record” has the meaning it has in the Freedom of Information Act 2014 .