Judicial Council Act 2019

If judge concerned consents to reprimand by Judicial Conduct Committee before conclusion of investigation

73. (1) Where, before or during an investigation of a complaint by a panel of inquiry under this Chapter, the judge concerned informs the panel of inquiry that, in relation to the complaint, he or she consents to the issuing of a reprimand to him or her, the panel of inquiry may, if it considers it appropriate having regard to the nature, gravity and circumstances of the complaint and the need to safeguard the administration of justice—

(a) adjourn the investigation of the complaint in accordance with section 75 , and

(b) prepare, and submit to the Judicial Conduct Committee, a report in relation to the complaint.

(2) Section 76 shall, notwithstanding the fact that an investigation of a complaint to which this section applies has not concluded, apply in relation to a report referred to in subsection (1)(b) with any necessary modifications.