Judicial Council Act 2019

Judicial Studies Committee

17. (1) The Council shall—

(a) establish a committee to be known as the Judicial Studies Committee, and

(b) at the first meeting of the Council, specify the date upon which that Committee shall stand established which shall be a date not later than 3 months following that first meeting.

(2) Subject to such directions (if any) as the Council may give to it, the function of the Judicial Studies Committee shall be to facilitate the continuing education and training of judges with regard to their functions.

(3) Without prejudice to the generality of subsection (2), the Judicial Studies Committee may—

(a) prepare and distribute relevant materials to judges,

(b) publish material relevant to its function,

(c) provide, or assist in the provision of, education and training on matters relevant to the exercise by judges of their functions, including but not limited to—

(i) dealing with persons in respect of whom it is alleged an offence has been committed,

(ii) the conduct of trials by jury in criminal proceedings,

(iii) European Union law and international law,

(iv) human rights and equality law,

(v) information technology, and

(vi) the assessment of damages in respect of personal injuries,


(d) establish, maintain and improve communication with—

(i) bodies representing judges appointed to courts of places other than the State, and

(ii) international bodies representing judges.