CervicalCheck Tribunal Act 2019

Meetings to restore trust

32. (1) An appropriate person may make a request to the Facilitator to convene a meeting (in this Act referred to as a “restoration of trust meeting”) for the purposes of documenting experiences, facilitating discussion and providing information to the appropriate person in respect of the person’s experience in relation to CervicalCheck.

(2) A request under subsection (1) shall be made to the Facilitator in such form or manner as may be specified by the Facilitator and any such request shall specify the persons sought to participate in the restoration of trust meeting concerned.

(3) The Facilitator shall, with the consent of the Minister given with the approval of the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform, establish and maintain a panel of suitable persons to be moderators, appointed for such term and on such conditions as the Facilitator determines, for the purposes of convening restoration of trust meetings.

(4) Where the Facilitator receives a request to him or her made in that behalf by an appropriate person to convene a restoration of trust meeting, the Facilitator shall appoint a moderator for the purpose of convening the meeting.

(5) The Facilitator shall provide, or arrange for the provision of, such administrative services and information and advice as may be necessary to enable a moderator to discharge his or her functions under this Chapter.

(6) Subject to this Chapter and such rules (if any) as may be specified by the Facilitator, a restoration of trust meeting convened by a moderator may regulate its own procedures, including the documenting and recording of such meetings.

(7) Where some but not all of the persons specified by the appropriate person in his or her request to the Facilitator in subsection (1) consent to participate in a restoration of trust meeting, the meeting may, with the consent of the appropriate person who made the request, proceed with those persons who have consented to so participate in the meeting concerned.

(8) An appropriate person may be accompanied by a person or persons of his or her choice when attending a restoration of trust meeting.

(9) The moderator shall act as chairperson of the restoration of trust meeting.

(10) A restoration of trust meeting may with the unanimous agreement of those participating in the meeting make recommendations to the Minister.

(11) The Facilitator may, for the purposes of holding and maintaining the records of restoration of trust meetings, nominate one or more members of staff of the Tribunal to be the holder of the records, which records shall be confidential.