Copyright and Other Intellectual Property Law Provisions Act 2019

Making available of work not previously made available

10. The Principal Act is amended by the substitution of the following section for section 34:

“34. (1) Subject to subsection (2), any person who, after the expiration of the copyright in a work, lawfully makes available to the public for the first time a work which was not previously so made available, shall benefit from rights equivalent to the rights of an author (other than the moral rights) for 25 years from the date on which the work is first lawfully made available to the public.

(2) A work is not lawfully made available to the public by a person for the purposes of subsection (1) if the person has made the work available to the public without first obtaining the express consent of the owner of the physical medium in which the work is embodied, or on which the work is recorded, to do so.”.