Greyhound Racing Act 2019


Welfare of Greyhounds

Amendment to Welfare of Greyhounds Act 2011

59. The Welfare of Greyhounds Act 2011 is amended—

(a) in section 11—

(i) in subsection (3), by substituting “subsection (2)” for “subsection (1)”, and

(ii) by inserting after subsection (3) the following:

“(3A) Only the progeny from the first 6 litters, or the first 8 litters where subsection (3) applies, of a greyhound bitch may be registered in the Irish Greyhound Stud Book.

(3B) A person who attempts to register a greyhound in contravention of section (3A) commits an offence,”,


(b) in section 26(2), by substituting “11(1), (2) or (3B)” for “11(1) or (2)”.